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i-Pilot Link System for Terrova Motors

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Minn Kota
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i-Pilot Link contains all the features of the i-Pilot - plus 3 additional, including Go-To, Follow-the-Contour and the i-Pilot Link Remote. Spend less time steering and positioning your boat, and more time focusing on fishing. i-PilotTM automatically controls and steers your boat using GPS technology. You can lock onto a fishing spot - and stay there. Record a successful path and retrace it later. Set cruise control for perfect bait presentation. All wireless, all with GPS accuracy. i-Pilot installs simply: just replace the top of the motor head, activate your remote and you're ready to fish.
Go-To: Enables navigation to stored data points within the i-Pilot Link system. (Spot-Lock locations, Waypoints, i-Tracks and routes.)
Follow the Contour: Enables boat navigation utilizing LakeMaster chart contour lines on Humminbird fishfinders with Ethernet connectivity.
i-Pilot Link Remote - i-Pilot's integrated, backlit LCD screen is easy to read and delivers instant feedback on active functions, speed, prop on/off status, battery power and GPS signal strength. It's all encased in a full gasket, it's watertight and floats, also comes with a convenient lanyardRecord A Track - Simply push the Record button and fish along your desired course. i-Pilot will store that track to memory (up to three separate tracks) and retrace it automatically with its playback features
Spot-Lock - Works like an electronic anchor. Choose up to 6 separate spots for i-Pilot to remember, and at the push of a button, it will correct for wind or current to hold you in place. Spot-Lock Recall lets you return to your spot later, from up to a quarter mile away
CoPilot and Cruise Control - With our legendary CoPilot functions, you can control speed, steering, prop on/off and high-speed bypass from yourwireless remote, leaving you free to fish from anywhere on the boat. i-Pilot's cruise control function gives you unparalleled bait presentation by maintaining your actual on-the-water GPS speed and allowing you to adjust your speed in 1/10-mile-per-hour increments
Advanced AutoPilot - Simply point your trolling motor in the direction you want to head and activate Advanced AutoPilot. i-Pilot will keep you on your heading and deliver you there with GPS accuracy, while compensating for wind, waves, current or drift
  • i-Pilot Link System for Terrova
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