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Fuel / Air Separator

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USCG and other regulations prohibit the discharge of fuel and violators could face civil and criminal penalties. Installed in the fuel tank vent line, the Racor Fuel/Air Separator efficiently separates air from fuel forced into the line. Air is vented, and fuel is returned to the tank. The Fuel/Air Separator captures fuel normally discharged due to agitation and thermal expansion (up to 2.4 PSI). It also eliminates damage to expensive striping and labels and protects finishes from fuel stains.Hose barb: 5/8".
LG100: (17 CFPM max air flow, Size: 9-3/4" H x 4" dia.)
Stage One - Venting tank fuel is deflected by the flow diverter and fuel is directed down to the drain ports. Air is allowed to bypass and continues out.
Stage Two - Fuel defoams through a fine wire mesh screen which filters out large
contaminants. Under the screen, the fuel collects temporarily until it can flow back down to the fuel tank.
Stage Three - Vapor collects on the interior surfaces and coalesces. The fuel returns downward by gravity and air continues out. The safety relief valve includes a floating check ball which will not permit a large in-rush of fuel to bypass. In the event of internal pressure reaching 2.4 PSI (0.17 bar), the spring will compress and open the safety seat.
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